Can I be heard? I exist too …

School? I wish I could get in there once. I see the girls in the nice ponytails and those beautiful uniforms. The boys who look so awesome just pass by right in front of my eyes every day. Dressed impeccably, some of these children run to school and some crib about school being a punishment. … Continue reading Can I be heard? I exist too …


SOS – As a Father, I died …

This is a story about a father who wants a better life for his daughter in a time of remorse and regret.

Fort Of Indefinite Times

Have you ever desired a treasure so pure that all you ever wanted would be to find it and never part with it? If yes? Why not embark on a journey to find treasure and if not? Why not witness a journey of someone doing that?


The Comfort in Discomfort!

I'd rather be comfortable by discomfort? Or be discomfortable to be comfortable? How? Well, I'll have to ask you to peek inside!


Three parents???? What else could we want!

All of us have 3 Biological parents! Weird? Read on!


This time Let’s do it, NOW

When we procrastinate so much that we don't realise how much we do! We need to take control and control by not procrastinate reading this post #selfadvertising


Let’s do it! Tomorrow¬†

If you think you're a procrastinator? Well, don't worry... You're on the right track!!