Unprecedented Duality

When a marathon runner gets back home, he finds a story, a story where he is the epicentre!


Fort Of Indefinite Times

Have you ever desired a treasure so pure that all you ever wanted would be to find it and never part with it? If yes? Why not embark on a journey to find treasure and if not? Why not witness a journey of someone doing that?

Thank God, I’ve Got Cancer…

This is my post for the prompt "Thank God I've got cancer" And I won an award for this!!! Couldn't wait to share it!!


Three parents???? What else could we want!

All of us have 3 Biological parents! Weird? Read on!



A poem from my Archive!


Let’s do it! Tomorrow¬†

If you think you're a procrastinator? Well, don't worry... You're on the right track!!