This is the place where I hope you get to know me!

I’m Kushal, a humble, peace-loving human in one tiny corner of the world hailing from Hyderabad, India.

Weirdo Alert!


I’ll make it easy and write down a few facts about myself!

  1. I’m afraid of refrigerators.
  2. I love anything that can fly, sail or swim.
  3. I hate the stuff I don’t like (Yeah duh!!! *eye roll*)
  4. I have a real great sense of humour (Refer point 3)
  5. I sleep in classes and yet manage to be the best.
  6. I’m not proud of point 5.
  7. Chocolates? Icecreams? Pizzas? Oh wait Sub? I’m on! I would go to any extent to grab one of those (all of those, to be honest)
  8. I love debates and I love to attend Model United Nations.
  9. I do like learning new things and I read a lot (or that’s what I say to myself)
  10. I love to write! (except when I procrastinate)