Fireball of Despair …

If life were a loop
I’d be at the centre
wondering how’d life be if…
if I could see outside the loop.

If I step outside,
people cry and worry
how hard it is to climb
the metaphorical ladder

I only wonder why they cry
for I look around the ruins
All I did find is a broken ladder
which falls apart when I touch it…

I regret  stepping out
Stepping out the loop that spun about me
the loop that protected me from chaos
A fireball of eternal chaos

Why am I consumed by these flames
These flames of despair is not what I deserved
Where did the fire to win die down?
Probably put out by gusts of failure …

Why is it that I give out my best?
Why is it that I’m pushed back onto the street?
Why is this inferno seem so cold to me?
Why is this fireball of despair all about me?
In the end,  I’m still am desolate with despair …


Thank you people for reading this and please let me know what you think of it!

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