The Comfort in Discomfort!

It has been three days since I posted anything. Why? My exams are just round the corner and being the geek I am, I’ve been preparing for it and have been busy trying to finish my assignments!

Well, what happened these three days? Nothing much! Routine happened. It killed all the spark that could have been created and ensured there were no memories!

I don’t remember anything other than Bus, college, home, study, assignments and dinner. This made me sick! Like real sick.. irritated and bored to death (a metaphorical one … As if you guys didn’t know… See! that’s what happens when one is bored to death!)

So, today I got thinking… If routine is suicide to memories, what can I do to create memories?

I think it’s simple, three words simple “Break The Routine”. It’s simple, but remember I said simple, not easy!

It’s routine that is killing us! I felt dissatisfied (I’ve been feeling lately.)

Dissatisfaction in yourself means that something is missing, something basic, some basic need of yours isn’t being met. Think about it, when you want food, you’re hungry. You need water, you’re thirsty. You need sleep, you’re thirsty. What do we do in these times? We get up, go eat, drink or sleep.

Then why can’t we satisfy our dissatisfaction? It’s because we have this resistive urge to be in our comfort zone. I think if we break the barrier, escape the comfort zone. If we FORCE ourselves to be uncomfortable for a while, it would make our lives even more lively and memorable!

Force yourself to discomfort to be comfortable!!!

Just imagine the personal comfort to your mind when you get on the weighing scale and see those kilograms reduce? Imagine the happiness and comfort in seeing those grades improve or taking that one photograph a day, or talking to a stranger a day!

Get out of your comfort zone, bear some pain and live outside the comfort zone to achieve the comforts you want deep inside, get off your routine! Do what you wanted to do!

I hope you could relate to this and probably give me your suggestions on this and let me know what you think about this!

Thank you..

Until then
Ta-Daaaaaaa !!!


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