Three parents???? What else could we want!

“Wake up early!”

“Make your bed before you brush!” “Don’t talk to strangers” “Don’t leave your used socks in your shoes”

“Study hard!” “Get Off your f@©#ing phone” “Go make new friends!”

Didn’t we all grow up listening to all these? And most of these were told, screamed, iterated, retold, re-screamed, reiterated by our parents!

But what happened to me 3 years ago? I turned 18, the most over-rated day in the history of the universe, right? We expect to rise up and have this sudden aura about us… Oh? The protective veil is gone? I’m an adult! On paper too!!!! Hurray!” But then you have the same old day, college, friends who wish you a birthday which turns out so monotonous that you get bored before your party at home even begins! The party- monotonous, presents monotonous… Nothing special! It’s just a tiny column that I need to change while filling forms.

But trust me, the eighteenth birthday does change us! We become our own parent! It took me three years to realise this fact and I wanted to share this to all of you!

I now have a mom, dad and Me, who parent me. Isn’t is obvious? Eighteen is about the right amount of time that we start making our own decisions.

It is about the time where we stand on our two feet again! That’s what 18 is about! It is Special! It is the day you get your freedom. A day you lose your freedom.


We gain the freedom to make our choices, do what we want to. And we lose the freedom of our childhood, choices being made for us. What could go wrong? Nothing can go wrong, while everything can!

Confused again? (What the heck is this guy talking?)

Well, ask yourselves a question. How many times in a day all your life did you actually feel like doing something like going for that morning run, drink that bitter gourd juice, begin that diet and actually doing it before you had to do it?

Another question, What’s the first decision you take in a day? I’m pretty sure it’d be Let me sleep five more minutes! 

And when we were kids, our parents forced us to do things we didn’t like, but those were the things that made us better. Made us what we are.

But what we see? what do we do with this newfound powers self-vested in us? Misuse it because we are new to this new experience. We don’t know how to wield this power. And this is one thing our parents can’t teach!

Wielding it right is all about doing the harder right rather than the easier wrong. We need to force ourselves to do what’s right. Go with our instincts. Do what we want to do before our satanic side decides to rest and not do something. Because our minds always like the easier way, procrastinate, just not do it until the pressure builds.

It’s our job to make ourselves do all the crap we don’t want to do to be everything we deserve, dream and want to be which in the present time we never are going to do. It’s simple, give yourself a life what you deserve.

Give the new parent what it actually deserves. Take the right decisions, do things you wanted to do. Do the things you wished. Try not to do the things you don’t want to!

Keeping all this in mind, I’ll bid adieu, until tomorrow where I’ll talk more about this.

So long,


6 thoughts on “Three parents???? What else could we want!

  1. I like your view on this. Once we have left our parents home and care we do become that new voice and eye watching our every move hopefully questioning our behaviour. We are now responsible for ourselves in every sense of the word. Although our parents will always care about us as adults we have to take care of ourselves by trying to make the right decisions as often as we can. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. So true. The decision to sleep for just five more minutes is the first decision I make every day. 😂 I call that third parent “the nagging voice in my head” and sometimes it pushes you to do what you have been procrastinating all along! I enjoyed reading this post.

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