This time Let’s do it, NOW

Did I learn from what I said three days back? Did I miss out anything that I spoke on Let’s do it! Tomorrow .

I did speak about how I considered people to be with regards to procrastinating. The no-procrastinators (The working bees), The pro-procrastinators ( No comments there) and the mediocre-procrastinators (The Da-Vinci’s of the society).

But I could classify people into these categories with respect to just one situation in life. These kinds have some weight only when there are deadlines in life, life submitting an assignment. Or reading your kids short story (which my parents do procrastinate always… I’d be respectful to not dare to classify the category; and wise people as you all are, I do know you get the hint XD)

But, what if there were no deadlines? Like the cycle you wanted to get repaired (I mean I… But I don’t wish to point out everything at me… There are many people to point at me… Oh! wait, I just did that! ) or doing that Course of Python you always wanted to and stopped midway everytime or the dream holiday you never went because you procrastinated and said that you never had time( Another self-created issue which I spoke about in Become a Superhero! Mould Time at will!!)

We people procrastinate endlessly and this is where all procrastinators become Pro-Procrastinators. And the No-Procrastinators become reasonable or Pro-Procrastinators too.

But, why do we do this to ourselves? (rather the things we DON’T do)

I think it’s because as stated in physics, everything in the universe tends to gain stability and it’s the same in our case. We are comfortable, stable in our lives happily curled inside our blanket worrying about the things that we could do or could’ve done. It is a human mentality to relax and “Let time decide what’s to happen” or “Let’s care about it when the time is right”. But, did we ever realise that this is one of the reasons that we are what we are? Miserable deep inside?

For example… I always wished to exercise, I never could make up my mind. What if one day I did? I’d become fit(er). I would be more productive at work bringing better results implying I could be a bit more joyous and relaxed which would give me new ideas which I could pursue and make myself better. But right now? All I think is I should exercise… I should run…

When will I think those new thoughts which I don’t even know I don’t know! when all I can worry are these meagre ideas!

So? What do we do Mr Obsessed Thinker?

Well I think it’s easy (to read and to say). All we have to do is to make up our minds to get out of our comfort zone because once we are out of our comfort zone… we are entitled to more comforts.

Somewhat like a guy who slept on the couch every day because he didn’t have money. He could either fake comfort and sleep on it all his life or he could make up his mind and work hard and earn the money to buy himself a king sized bed!

So, it’s upto you all (US) to choose what we want to! Procrastinate for temporary comforts while Life too procrastinates on delivering good news to us. 


Take charge of our lives, hold the reins and face the bull head on and make ourselves worthy of sleeping on the king sized couch?

Please do think about it, and let me know how you think about what I think about this?

And well, without any more procrastination…

I shall get ready with tomorrow’s post!

Until then…

So long!

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