Let’s do it! Tomorrow 

It’s 2300 hours and I am writing this post now, why? Well… because I’ve been thinking all day, “Oh well, I’ve got all day! I can very well write later!”

I am a procrastinator, and personally am very good at it! (Not that I’m proud of it always) but this post is about how I’m willing to substantiate myself.

I’ve seen people all around for a long time (too obvious right? But well, that’s a revelation) There are people who complete their works and finish their stuff well before time and relax. These are the boring kind! Finish everything, work over something else. Work more… work even more… work so much more… Go for a holiday, come back before the last day coz, well… they do stuff well before timelines.

Well, honestly I think these are the real productive kind. These are the people who enrich and do better and strive to do stuff on time every time in the best possible way they can think of.

Then come the people who procrastinate so much that they literally have no time to even finish their task.I like to call them the “Pro-Procrastinators”. As far as I’ve observed this kind of people, they have little or almost no drive to finish the task or do it as a formality. These are the people who are the least productive. It’d be a humungous task for these people to even finish their tasks.

And then there’s the third kind and I believe I’m part of who procrastinate for a while and then finish the task on time or just before the deadline.

Every time I procrastinate, I have the thoughts about completing the task.I start with vigour and it fizzles out in a short span and then after a while of the procrastination span I start working on it again. Like an app running in the background, the task keeps on churning almost all the time. The more I think, the more the ideas I get about the task.

And the moment I sit down to write, Whoa! I have a whole different perspective and so much more clarity than I had in the beginning. I tried to search about this happening of mine online and I found out it is this form of work that actually brings in creativity in the world, brings new ideas.

Ideas that the Before-the-time guys can work on with efficiency. I now believe that I’m part of the creative, new idea generating strata of the society. Wielding the power and prowess to generate ideas, I have a dream that one day I get an idea that the Pro-procrastinators can be given incentives to be on time and merge into the working clan or the creative one.

I’d like to know which sort you are and let me know what you all think about each of the strata I’ve felt like dividing people into. I’d love it for some feedback regarding this post!

So, until tomorrow …

Good Bye!


PS: I’ve just seen that Linkin Park uploaded their single after a real long time… I’d love it if you guys heard it!!

Heavy- Linkin Park Feat. Kiiara



2 thoughts on “Let’s do it! Tomorrow 

  1. I have always thought that I’d have won so many awards and accolades if procrastination were an Olympics event! But that being said, I think I belong to a category that’s between the pro-procrastinators and the third category. But I’m so glad to hear that I’m part of a category that brings in new ideas!

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    1. Being the categories that brings new ideas? Well, you already are a part of it!! The moment you started blogging, that point had already been established and the fact that you didn’t stop blogging that you didn’t jump to the pro-procrastinators category !!

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