Become a Superhero! Mould Time at will!!

It was three days back when I realised something. It was that something that hit me so hard that taking out the looking-glass of time down the path of the past I had to regret all that I’ve done, rather all I haven’t done.

I’ve procrastinated things so much and took time for granted. But sadly, I had to miss out on so much! So, so much!

I had a real simple schedule every day; Sleep, college, eat, take out my phone doing unproductive stuff, realise I’m wasting time, get inspired and take out my notes to revise college work, give up and revert back to the phone, screaming and fighting with my parents whenever they tried to put some sense into my skull.

Ahh! Those days. But trust me I wasn’t as bad as you all might think I am! I used to get off my phone at times (whenever it notified me of low battery) and shift to my laptop and play Assassins Creed or Watchdogs…

Great me!! But then last Friday I banged my head against the wall and by mistake got into a mood to do some math!!!

wp-image-1542619173jpg.jpgI was shocked!! 54 hours a week, I worked hard to be non-productive!! How could I do that? I wasted all that time a week and yet any new activity of interest came up and I used to say “I don’t have any time for that!!

But now I know, I did have time for all that! All the good that could be done! All the time I didn’t have to run daily, exercise, complete reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami(which I started a good 3 months back), do those pending MOOCs on EdX and Coursera, apply for internships, try drawing and painting and write a blog.

I thought about it a little more, and I realised that time isn’t constant. Time isn’t just about the needles rotating about a point… Time was much more than that! Time is elastic.

Time moulds itself around our priorities and respects our decisions. Time can always be found in the list we make where the highest priority got the highest share of time and the one at the back never gets time. Time is a side effect of Choice.

And post realisation what path did I choose? The harder efficient and productive path? or the lethargic, full of regret path?
Well, I guess it’s easy to figure out for you are Actually reading this post!! (Just check if you are Lucid dreaming or not once okay?)

I chose to be productive, be a better self of mine compared to last week. Improve myself from the self which wasted 54 hours a week!

And I hope that all of us try this out! Do a simple math… And realise how you can be a Time Wielder! How you can manipulate time! How you could mould time at will!

I do wish that all of us make the right decisions and take an oath today! An oath to change! A promise to come back to this blog tomorrow and smack the Follow button for trust me, I don;t want to get back to the past self! I shall change and I believe all the support I get shall help me get the best out of me and I believe with much inspiration, I shall write better and prove that you’ve invested in one great mind!!!!

So then… I thank you for your time, the time you moulded around this screen, the time Surfer you’ve already become!!

Goodbye! Until Tomorrow!

PS: I apologise! I may have tried to change my ways and habits… I’m really sorry to trouble you all with that doodle in the cover… I’m pretty good usually. In all the time I’ve painted this is the worst doodle ever (since the last 12 hours and one doodle done). I also do know that the superhero there suffers from epilepsy … and Feedback is totally appreciated!!!


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