Hey there! Glad to be here!

This, here is my first blog post and I am really excited as to see what the Blogosphere has in store ahead of times.

All the time ahead is unforeseen and I come here with a little idea.

I wish to put in my ideas, the thoughts I think/ learn into my blog here which wouldn’t have a skeleton per se, but would basically revolve around new ideas for I wish to strive to spread ideas worth spreading (I know, you guys are thinking you heard it somewhere… )

I plan to write a blog post every day with one new thing I learn every day; one new experience I witness everyday; one idea that ignites my mind everyday; one that kills all satanic verses in my mind everyday.

But Oh wait?!?! I’ll have to mention that this wouldn’t be a boring blog out there for I shall be writing short stories that I write usually (*sniggers at self), some poetry, haikus and some experiences I’ve had in the past (well, everyone loves to read things when someone embarrasses himself  XD… Yes, I know that feeling and I wish to et you guys laugh it off with me too!)

Some reviews of things that matter to me, I shall trust me to keep this little site as humorous as possible and well, this being a formal Hello note I shall be as (in)formal as possible; because it’s just natural… Beginnings are always slow and formal, the real fear of fun begins within a few blog reads!

So, until tomorrow folks!
Close your eyes, and wait for the second  first post tomorrow and I hope to believe that we shall have amazing times ahead!

Thank you, folks!

Have an Obsessively great day!



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