The Moment

I stand tall in crowds While the crowds find me standing out Is this just in my head? Or is it these eyes that sear my conscience I just need a moment A moment to be me A moment to fly free A moment to feel my smile I reap the fruits of the thing … Continue reading The Moment


Can I be heard? I exist too …

School? I wish I could get in there once. I see the girls in the nice ponytails and those beautiful uniforms. The boys who look so awesome just pass by right in front of my eyes every day. Dressed impeccably, some of these children run to school and some crib about school being a punishment. … Continue reading Can I be heard? I exist too …

The Town That Dreamt Towns

A short story about an orphan who goes on an adventure. A story that goes backwards in time and houses vanish in thin air and little girls ride motor cycles. A story where giants cry and shoes matter more than love and trains travel "Anywhere" Embark onto the journey with the little orphan and find yourself finding yourself.